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Impact in the Community

Our purpose is to improve the lives of our neighbors through service and advocacy.  We work alongside people and organizations that are working to ensure a healthy and connected future for all of us.  Along the journey, we've had the honor of being publicly recognized for our efforts and expertise and invited to contribute our thought leadership to conferences and gatherings on a range of topics.

We invite you to explore the many contributions we've made not only in our home community but in communities across our nation.

Where We've Been

Our Work with Firefly

Thought Kitchen was contracted to facilitate professional renewal services for the Firefly Children & Family Survivor Advocacy Team as part of a grant through the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute. The following objectives were identified: 

  • Address high rates of burnout and turnover stemming from increased rates of domestic violence during the COVID pandemic and operationalize self-care and burnout prevention going forward. 

  • Support the integration of a substantial number of recent hires with the remaining small core of seasoned team members by building trust, shared identity, common language, and norms for communicating and interacting. 


We provided the follow services and workshops for the Firefly team: 

  • Container Building/Strengths & Core Values 

  • Setting and Communicating Clear Boundaries 

  • Navigating Change and Uncertainty 

  • Intentional Scheduling 

  • Burnout Prevention 

  • Putting it All Together: Care and Feeding 

  • Chillshop 


Learn more about the work we did with the Firefly Survivor Advocacy team by checking out the Firefly Professional Renewal Case Study

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Look Back Gallery

We are grateful for invitations to collaborate on programming that allows us to connect with and support our neighbors.


Mindful Life & Work

Indiana Lawyer

Setting Boundaries with Loretta

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During the pandemic, we all were forced to shuffle our lives and shelter in place. Attorneys, along with all other workers, had to learn to incorporate their work life into their home environment. Creating boundaries is difficult when work is just a room away, and people are asking you to help them in some of the most difficult moments of their lives. 

This article highlights Loretta and her wisdom, and suggests to attorneys that setting healthy boundaries is a step to ensuring positive client relationships and outcomes. 

As Chair of the Indiana State Bar Association's Well-Being Committee, Loretta is often consulted about lawyer, law student, and judicial officer well-being.  We love her passionate advocacy for this community and her work to support healthy outcomes and mentorship to all who serve in the legal community.

Read the article.


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Cover of Res Gestae

We were proud that our very own Jill Carnell's article on the Brahmaviharas was the cover story for the November 2022 issue of Indiana State Bar Association's journal, Res Gestae.

Learn how Jill is raising awareness of the heart-teachings as an important component of lawyer, law student, and judicial officer well-being.

Read the article here

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