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Recipe for a Connected Future

What change are you hungry for?

Thought Kitchen is a service firm on the surface, but our passion is far deeper. We believe that being a part of a community is about feeling welcomed and fed, similar to receiving a lovingly prepared meal. We also realize the missing ingredients that prohibit people, businesses, and communities from flourishing are wellness, inclusivity, and support. This is how Thought Kitchen was created.

Our backgrounds as lawyers, mindfulness coaches, and public policy experts allowed us to identify the gaps that lead to failing communities. That awareness fueled our desire to to cook up recipes that nourish the minds, bodies, and entities that make up a community. Our services help individuals, businesses, and communities achieve connected and healthy outcomes by providing mindful life and work coaching, public policy advising, and supplier diversity consulting.


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Thought Kitchen Team, smiling, on a balcony, in a wooded setting.
Jill and Loretta are lying with their backs on a tile floor ground legs up a brick wall, they are turned toward each other and playfully laughing.

Featured Events

Come See Us at the Wellbeing Room

Advertising for Thought Kitchen in partnership with ISBA Solo and Small Firm Conference Event

June 1 - 3

French Lick Resort & Casino

  Summer Solstice Event

Welcome Summer!!

To mark this change of season and spend some time considering this part of the year when the days are longer and nights are shorter, Loretta Oleksy and Jill Carnell will be offering a 90-minute gentle yoga and sound bath practice.

June 21
6:30 - 8:00pm Eastern

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