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Kitchen Essentials: 7 Ingredients & Practices

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During the summer of 1994, my mom prepared me for my freshman year at Purdue University by doing many things. One of them was putting together a plastic storage box filled with kitchen essentials, such as a medium-size glass measuring bowl, a cooking spoon, salt and pepper, a half-gallon pitcher, can opener, and a six-pack of lunchbox applesauce. Even though I was enrolled in the meal plan at my residence hall, she knew I might want to make a snack or drink for myself. This is an example of Karen Ferrill’s love-in-action. In the same spirit, I have prepared this offering, Kitchen Essentials, for you. In it, I outline the seven essential ingredients and practices that are foundational to every mindful life and work offering at Thought Kitchen. Beginning on the day you enroll in Kitchen Essentials, you’ll receive a daily written teaching, the audio of me reading it, and a downloadable card to support your practice. By the end of the week, you’ll have the full complement of Kitchen Essentials to support you in exploring all of the practices at Thought Kitchen! I’m glad you’re here, and I hope that you find Kitchen Essentials supportive as you begin your journey with the offerings of Thought Kitchen's Mindful Life & Work team.


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