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An Introduction to the Brahmavihāras

  • 49Days
  • 125Steps


This course, An Introduction to the Brahmavihāras: For Lawyers, Law Students, & Judicial Officers, is the creative project developed for Jill Carnell's Master of Arts in Mindfulness Studies thesis project, published in September 2021. It consists of seven asynchronous modules, each of which includes a video teaching, formal practice (guided audio meditation), informal practice ideas, written journal prompts, and an online space to connect and share with other participants, all intended to support learning and practice. Module 1: Introduction & grounding practice Module 2: Mettā [kindness] Module 3: Self-compassion Module 4: Karunā [compassion] Module 5: Muditā [joy] Module 6: Upekkhā [equanimity] Module 7: Supporting ongoing practice The reason that Jill chose this topic for her thesis project is that in reviewing the literature about mindfulness and lawyers, law students, and judicial officers, there was quite a bit about the benefits of improving concentration and reducing stress, but very little about the Buddhist psychology teachings of the heart, apart from mettā, kindness. Since the assignment was to find a gap for her project to address, this project arose. Now, in September 2023, Jill has updated it a bit, especially in adding closed captions and including transcripts of audio and video recordings, for re-release. This course is appropriate for anyone who wants to explore these teachings at their own pace. It is freely offered.

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