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Professional Renewal Workshop Series

Support Your Team

This series provides professional renewal support to teams. The primary goals are to combat burnout and disconnection by establishing practices for sustained resilience. Additionally, the series explores efforts to harmonize your team by fostering trust, shared identity, and effective communication strategies. 
Check out our Professional Renewal Workshop Series outline to learn more about what this offering would look like for your team.

Our Professional Renewal Workshop Series is a twelve-month program that consists of  
monthly workshops offered in-person in the client’s space or virtually (if the client prefers),  
as well as a curated online program and private forum for continued learning and  
connection between sessions, hosted on our Thought Kitchen website. 
There are three required topics and included chillshop activities. In collaboration with the Mindful Life  
and Work team, the client chooses five additional topics that are most applicable to their  


Investment for the Professional Renewal Workshop Series:  

  • One to two hours of in-person workshop time each month 

  • Optional asynchronous learning and connection on the online program and forum 

  • $2,500/month 


We currently have availability for two additional Professional Renewal Workshop Series in  
2024. Each workshop can accommodate up to 20 participants. 
Check out our Professional Renewal Workshop Series outline to learn more.  
Want to discuss what this could look like for your team? Schedule a Discovery Call!

Professional Renewal Workshop Series Outline

Firefly Case Study

Thought Kitchen was contracted to facilitate professional renewal services for the Firefly Children & Family Survivor Advocacy Team as part of a grant through the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute. The following objectives were identified: 

  • Address high rates of burnout and turnover stemming from increased rates of domestic violence during the COVID pandemic and operationalize self-care and burnout prevention going forward. 

  • Support the integration of a substantial number of recent hires with the remaining small core of seasoned team members by building trust, shared identity, common language, and norms for communicating and interacting. 


We provided the follow services and workshops for the Firefly team: 

  • Container Building/Strengths & Core Values 

  • Setting and Communicating Clear Boundaries 

  • Navigating Change and Uncertainty 

  • Intentional Scheduling 

  • Burnout Prevention 

  • Putting it All Together: Care and Feeding 

  • Chillshop 


Learn more about the work we did with the Firefly Survivor Advocacy team by checking out the Firefly Professional Renewal Case Study

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This series is powerful. Don't just take our word for it! See what our partners on the Firefly Survivor Advocacy team had to say.


"I value this program for its ability to deepen connections among team members and to provide us with tools to care for ourselves and each other. The topics are directly relevant to my work and my experiences as an advocate. I appreciate that both the workshops and the chillshops give us a break in our workday to learn or destress together and I feel lucky to be on a team that is cared for in this way."

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