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What We Do

Consulting Services 

We offer consulting services to organizations that want to update or implement programs that support the well-being of their employees, including: 

  • professional development on topics that create high-functioning teams 

  • creating and maintaining trauma-informed workplaces within organizations 

  • creating and maintaining workplaces that center diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging principles, which is good for employees and clients 

  • intentional gathering design, which create meaningful meetings and retreats that people want to attend. 

Coaching & Facilitating 

We offer coaching to professionals on a range of topics, both one-on-one and in group settings.  In addition, we facilitate presentations and discussions.  Our areas of expertise include: 

  • using the VIA Character Strengths Survey to identify and understand Signature and Situational Strengths 

  • identifying and understanding Core Values 

  • defining, understanding, building, and maintaining trust 

  • clear and compassionate communication, including giving and receiving feedback 

  • setting, communicating, and maintaining healthy boundaries 

  • recognizing and understanding emotions to increase emotional intelligence 

  • using insights from Signature and Situational Strengths, emotional intelligence, and present moment awareness to move from time management to intentional scheduling 

  • navigating change and uncertainty, including supporting people who are experiencing grief 

  • creating and working with a personal Well-Being Menu 

  • identifying and working with trauma and secondary trauma 

Curious to learn more and work with us?  Schedule a discovery call with us! 

Mindful Life & Work

Individual Coaching

One on one coaching that can include: perfectionism & burnout, healthy boundary setting & maintenance, personal values identification, leadership development, career transition, navigating change and loss, communication skills, and developing & strengthening resiliency skills

Organizational Coaching

Organizational or group coaching that can include: culture assessment, development & realignment, cultural competency, team building, mindful gathering, creativity, adaptability, leadership development, difficult conversations, giving & receiving feedback, and collaboration

Interactive Workshops

Interactive presentations on topics that can include the above coaching topics as well as: embracing Plan B, mindfulness myth busters, imposter syndrome, hybrid work places, and self-compassion

Mindfulness-Based Practices

Guided Meditation–

This practice will take you into a state of deep relaxation and inner stillness to take you on an inward journey that is designed to improve one or more aspects of your life and bring about positive personal change


Labyrinth Meditation–

Physical (depending on location) and hand held labyrinth walks are available to quiet the mind, open the heart and ground the body while building stress resilience


Gentle Yoga–

Performed at a slower pace with less intense positions, this type of yoga includes extended time for meditation, yogic breath work and relaxation. There is a strong emphasis on holding gentle shapes, seated poses and low-impact movements


Sound Bath–

This meditative practice utilizes sound frequency of one or several instruments to create soothing, overlapping vibrations to create a “bath” of sound where you immerse yourself in the frequency to create a deeper meditative state

Professional Renewal Workshop Series-  
Looking to support the professionals in your organization? We have created a year-long monthly workshop series for you that invites teammates to learn more about themselves and each other by starting with their strengths and core values before moving into the topics most relevant for the professionals in your organization, such as  building trust, communicating clearly and compassionately, navigating change and uncertainty, , operationalizing self-care, and   preventing burnout. It is a wonderful way to support tenured professionals, as well as new hires. This offering has been so successful that we have a page solely dedicated to it. Learn more by visiting our Professional Renewal Workshop Series  page.  

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