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Cooking Up Connection

Like a kitchen, events are where creativity, conversations, and delicious food come together.  This is where we curate content, presentations, and design workshops that inform and nourish the minds of attendees.  We carefully craft a message of intention to showcase well-being, mindfulness, and purpose-driven change.  Get ready to explore and savor every moment.


Whether you're looking for a collaborative partner to design an event or an interactive workshop or you want to attend one of our offerings, Thought Kitchen offers a menu of options from which you can choose.


Come join us! A feast of ideas awaits...

What's Happening Now?

Weekly Sangha Sit

Wednesdays, 8:30am - 8:55am Eastern

Curious to know about our Sangha Sit?  We are happy to tell you! 


The word sangha is the Pali word (language of original Buddhist psychology teachings) that means a community of practice.  Our weekly Sangha Sit is more than just a meditation session; it's an invitation for our Thought Kitchen community to come together for a few moments on our shared journey to steady our minds, hearts, and bodies.  Whether you're new to mindfulness meditation or a seasoned practitioner, the shared energy of the Sangha Sit is a great way to connect with others and practice.  Sign up below to experience the power of collective quiet.

  • Weekly Sangha Sit
    Weekly Sangha Sit
    Multiple Dates
    Wed, Oct 04
    Oct 04, 8:30 AM – 8:55 AM EDT
    Join Jill Carnell, Cofounder & Chief Contemplative Officer, for a short guided meditation practice with members of our Thought Kitchen sangha.
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