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Welcome to Table Talk

Drawing of a dining table and chairs with "Table Talk" in the middle and Thought Kitchen logo on bottom right

When I was an undergrad at Purdue in the mid-to-late 1990s, the residence hall where I lived had a weekly publication called Table Talk, a new copy of which appeared on each table in the dining hall weekly. It was full of safety statistics, upcoming events, tips for studying more effectively, and other information the residence hall managers hoped would penetrate our attention while we ate meals and visited with each other.

As I've been noodling the intention and title of this space on our website, I've been thinking about that publication, as well as its sister publication, Potty Talk, which was published by our floor's residential assistant to bring our awareness to specific topics of interest to the residents of our floor. (As you might have gathered from its title, it was posted in the other place there was a good chance we'd all see it.)

In the spirit of the original, my hope is that this Table Talk will deliver content to you and the other members of our Thought Kitchen community that is interesting, accessible, supportive, and actionable. You can expect posts on topics about mindful life and work, supplier diversity, and public policy, the three areas in which our team consults and coaches. Besides me, you'll also hear from Lesley, Loretta, Megan, and from time to time, special guests.

I hope that you'll share your thoughts, reflections, questions, and requests with us by leaving comments to the posts we publish here. Truly, your feedback is essential to us so that we can deliver offerings that positively impact your life.

I'm very glad you're here. Thanks for being part of the Thought Kitchen community!

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