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Professional Identity and Lawyer Well-Being

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Professional Identity and Lawyer Well-Being Have you ever been introduced to someone and gotten the reaction, “You don’t look/act/seem like a lawyer”? If so, you’re not alone. A quick google search of the word “lawyer” brings up images of people in dark suits in a courtroom (and the occasional image of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde.) But lawyers don’t just work in courtrooms; they work in businesses, government entities, nonprofits, and schools. The increased emphasis on lawyer well-being over the past several years has focused extensively on physical and mental well-being, and to some extent on workplace culture, but this is only part of the picture for many lawyers who have found the traditional view of practicing law leaves something to be desired. This session will explore the research connecting the feeling that our work is meaningful with improved well-being, and the panelists will share their experiences of finding meaning and well-being in diverse areas of practice. This is an on-demand recording and transcript of the live CLE that was presented on May 3, 2023. The program is approximately 1 hour long and has been approved by the Indiana Office of Admissions and Continuing Education for 1 hour of ethics CLE (Course 322751). This course is available for CLE credit until May 3, 2024. Cost: Freely offered

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